Our Team

William Staab

William’s previous career as a Management Consultant initially brought him to Japan from his native Pittsburgh over 18 years ago. At the time he was leading a number of consulting projects helping Fortune 500 companies streamline their businesses by implementing management operating systems and lean best practices.

He moved in to executive search in 2002 and has never looked back. Throughout his career he has held senior positions with reputable global search firms including Representative Director, Japan. He brings to his work not only the benefits and insights of a professional management consultant background but also a dedication to genuinely thoughtful and intelligent problem solving.  William has been voted one of Japan's top Executive Search Consultant in Asiamoney's polls on several occasions.

He has successfully completed scores of projects in all areas of financial services (particularly sell side and buy side research, sales and investment management) as well as Strategic Consulting, Real Estate and Private Equity.

William holds a BA in Management from Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Bruce (2).jpg

A long-term Japan resident, Bruce has over 30 years experience in the Japanese and Asian financial recruitment markets. For much of that time he has successfully run his own boutique practice with his own company being ranked the #1 firm in Japan in the Asiamoney annual survey of financial headhunting firms.


He has also held senior positions in a number of major global search firms. For much of his career he specialized in senior positions across all area of finance. In recent years, however, he has utilized his extensive knowledge, experience and maturity to broaden his coverage to C-suite and specialized corporate officer positions across a range of industries and areas.

Bruce is a graduate of  City, London University and holds a BSc in Psychology.

Bruce Baker
Mika Nomura
Managing Director

Mika is the founder and Managing Director of K.K. Aphrodia.  Perhaps unique among senior Japanese Search Consultants, she learnt her craft not only in Japan but also through 10 years spent in the vibrant and demanding markets of Hong Kong and New York working for major global search firms on senior mandates across a range of industries. Consequently she has gained not only an excellent knowledge of the Japanese search market but also a keen understanding of the requirements and expectations of major international companies.

In 2004 she returned to Tokyo, where she played a key role in building the Japan office of one of the worlds largest recruitment and personnel consulting firms, achieving the status of their #1 ranked performer in both 2006 and 2007.

She established K.K. Aphrodia in 2011 with the aim of providing a full recruitment and consulting service based on her unique and extensive experience. Mika overseas the operations of Staab Baker and Partners and engages in senior industrial searches.