Filling key executive or specialized positions in the Japanese market has always presented unique challenges in comparison to other markets. Although there is a large and highly educated work force, traditional reticence to changing career paths along with issues to do with “cultural fit”, in a corporate sense, mean that companies with vital strategic positions to fill often find it difficult to compile adequate shortlists of genuinely viable and genuinely motivated and properly informed candidates.

A resume-bank type service is often inadequate in finding the right solution and can cause time to be wasted. A large pool of "untapped" talent is often buried deep within organisations and many of these high quality individuals have never met a recruiter or forwarded their resumes to one. What is really needed is a dedicated team of professionals who know how to identify and approach such people, working together and treating each project with complete commitment, intelligence, discretion, thoroughness and tenacity.

Staab Baker and Partners is just such a team.  We are the Executive Search division of K.K. Aphrodia, a well established leading Tokyo based recruitment firm serving a client base of select international and Japanese firms. The operation is led by three of the most experienced and dedicated practitioners in the Japan market. We undertake assignments on a project basis to find senior or highly specialized individuals to fill key strategic roles throughout a range of industries and sectors.  In addition to pure search assignments we also provide detailed market research and competitor intelligence reports. By blending a methodological and thorough approach, to any project we take on, with an extensive and empathetic understanding of local market conditions we are able to perform successfully, consistently and speedily in this challenging recruitment environment.